Young Mohandas and the Derailed Train Story

Introduction: Before he became the revered Mahatma, Mohandas Gandhi was a young boy growing up in Porbandar, India.

The Curious Mind: Mohandas was known for his insatiable curiosity and his desire to understand how things worked. He often asked questions and sought to unravel the mysteries of the world.

The Train Adventure: One day, Mohandas and a group of friends ventured to a train station in their town. They were captivated by the giant locomotive and the excitement of the railway.

The Unexpected Incident: While exploring, the boys found themselves in a restricted area near the railway tracks. Unbeknownst to them, a train was approaching, and they were in harm’s way.

Quick Thinking: One of Mohandas’s friends realized the danger and managed to scramble to safety. However, Mohandas was frozen in fear as the train bore down on him.

The Rescue: Just in the nick of time, a railway official nearby saw the impending disaster and pulled Mohandas to safety, saving his life.

The Lesson Learned: This near-death experience left a profound impact on young Mohandas. He realized the importance of caution, responsibility, and the value of life.

Inspiration to the World: The incident deepened Mohandas’s commitment to values of safety and responsibility. As he grew into the Mahatma, he would become a symbol of responsible leadership and the protector of the vulnerable.

Conclusion: The story of young Mohandas and the derailed train illustrates the lessons he learned about caution and responsibility. These values remained central to his character and later guided his actions as Mahatma Gandhi, the leader who championed the principles of nonviolence and social justice.

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